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Jumeirah Developments Company is one of the largest real estate companies, which has extensive experience in project management and implementation and seeks to provide a distinctive, luxurious life, this is done through high-quality projects to achieve the client’s dream and provide the highest quality product.

Jumeirah Developments

The Company is one of the largest companies in the field of construction and real estate investments in Egypt since the beginning of its launch in 2016. It also deserves to be on the throne of this field due to its major projects in which it achieved an unprecedented percentage of sales and successes, Also Jumeirah Egypt Developments Company is one of the largest real estate companies that competes strongly to obtain a great position and a good reputation among other real estate companies. This has enabled it to obtain a huge segment of customers with a high level of trust due to the residential and coastal projects it offers in the most vital strategic locations.

The owner of Jumeirah Developments Company

Jumeirah Egypt Developments Company owns a large group of the most important technical personnel and experts in the field of urban development. The Board of Directors of Jumeirah Egypt Developments Company is headed by:

  • Engineer/ Sherif Heliw, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Engineer/ Ahmed Thabet, the Executive Director of Jumeirah has extensive experience in project management.
  • Engineer/ Hisham Dansouri, CEO of Jumeirah, previously served as Vice President of Planning and Control Affairs.
  • Mansour Al-Othaimeen, is a member of the Jumeirah Board of Directors.
  • Engineer/ Mohamed El-Nawy, is a member of the Board of Directors and was previously CEO of Telecom Egypt.
  • Tarek Mansour, is a member of the Board of Directors and previously served as Chairman of Enactus Egypt.

Benefits of investing with Jumeirah Developments Company

  • To achieve a significant return on investment for shareholders, and customers, and enrich the employee experience.
  • Choosing a vital location for the project raises the value of the units within the project.
  • Working in a team spirit leads to outstanding results in the organization and projects.
  • The company has a huge investment in which the holding company participates.
  • Rely on the mindset of senior consultants to suit dynamic development.
  • Study market trends and discover unparalleled solutions while believing in shareholders’ vision and customers’ expectations.

Previous projects of Jumeirah Egypt Developments Company

Naia Bay Ras El-Hikma Village

  • Naia Bay North Coast Village is considered one of the latest projects of Jumeirah Egypt Developments Company.
  • It is an integrated residential complex in the best place, as it is located in Ras El-Hikma on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road,
    which makes it close to vital places and many tourist villages, the village is designed according to the latest international designs.

Naia West New Zayed

  • Naia West New Zayed Compound is a huge residential project that includes a large group of apartments and villas that suit the needs of all customers.
  • The company also chose its location in the most vital areas, which made it close to the vital areas.

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