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Margins Developments Company is one of the most important real estate development companies on the Egyptian scene because it follows one of the most important successful strategies in the world of investment, which is putting the customer or owner first. The company was formed from the union of a diverse group of companies that have a great background in the field of real estate investment, and a history full of successes in various fields such as the field of the pharmaceutical industry, and from here its name began to stand out at the top of the developing companies, not only because it is one of the real estate companies that offer projects, but also that offers projects that enjoy international designs on Egyptian land with a different, approved vision and perspective.

Margins Developments

Margins Developments is one of the prominent brands in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established as a union of a group of companies in various specialized fields, in real estate, contracting, industrial investment, and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, Margins has undertaken the responsibility from the beginning to be a strong entity.

It is considered an entity based on innovation, the latest global ideas, and modern systems, which qualifies it to be at the forefront of strong real estate companies that can lead the real estate market. The company also promises its clients to create distinctive buildings that are characterized by sophistication and luxury, and it has a developed team of engineers, architects, and experts, which makes it one of the
largest real estate companies in Egypt.

The owner of Margins Developments Company

As we mentioned previously, Margins Developments Company was based on a partnership system between a number of giant companies in the investment markets, and the Vice Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors is Engineer/ Ashraf Shaheen, who is also the Managing Director of the company.

The size of the companies that the developing company built is multiple and diverse. This is in order to pump a lot of money into its projects, as it wanted to create a history full of giant and distinguished projects. The most prominent of these partnerships are the following:

  • Bonyan EG Company is a company specializing in investing in real estate.
  • Gulf Engineering and Contracting Company.
  • Roland Pharma and Gamma Company specialized in the medical fields.
  • Master Builder Group.
  • Landmark Company, which specializes in manufacturing foundations.
  • International Salts Company.

Benefits of investing with Margins Developments Company

  • Choosing vital and distinctive locations to establish investment projects.
  • Paying attention to providing the highest quality infrastructure for the projects.
  • The company was interested in achieving variation in unit spaces in its projects in order to satisfy all tastes.
  • Prices and also suitable for investors wishing to purchase units.

Previous projects of The Company

  • Mall Oaks Egypt Tower New Capital.
  • Mall Zia Business Complex New Capital.
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Oaks Egypt (1)
Oaks Egypt New Capital
Hotel Apartments

Oaks Egypt hotel

Start from EGP 1,740,000
Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10  years Ground Floor + 14 Floors
Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10  years Ground Floor + 14 Floors
60 m2details
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