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GAIA villa

start from EGP 47,000,000
Payment:10% down payment Installment up to 7 years Delivery 4 years  
Payment:10% down payment Installment up to 7 years Delivery 4 years  
4 4 284 m2details
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    GAIA North Coast
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    GAIA typical 3 bedroom

    EGP 14,339,000
    Payment:10% down payment Installment up to 7 years Delivery 4 years  
    Payment:10% down payment Installment up to 7 years Delivery 4 years  
    3 3 165 m2details
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      Gaia North Coast Village has become one of the most important real estate villages that has charted a bright path for itself in the North Coast region. The executing company of the project, Al-Ahly Sabbour Developments, has implemented many of the most prominent real estate projects, especially Gaia North Coast, which is considered a shift in the field of real estate development in a contemporary and technological manner.

      Location of Gaia North Coast Village

      Gaia Village has an ideal location on the North Coast, the owner company was keen to choose the location of the project in the Ras El-Hikma area, at Kilo 194 on the Alexandria Desert Road, which ensures customers quick access to the village via roads and highways, in addition to its proximity to the most famous and most prestigious places on the North Coast.

      Places close to Gaia Village

      • It is located 10 minutes from New Fouka Road.
      • Gaia North Coast Village can be reached from the New Administrative Capital within 30 minutes.
      • The village is only 30 minutes away from Alexandria City.
      • New Alamein is a short distance away from Gaia Village.
      • It takes about 90 minutes to reach the village from Cairo.

      Design of Gaia North Coast Village

      Gaia North Coast Village was designed according to the latest and finest international designs, as it has distinctive views of large lakes, in addition to its presence on 20,000 meters of water lakes that give a unique aesthetic view. The developer company also implemented an unconventional system, as it designed the village in the shape of the 6 continents.

      The total land area of the project is estimated at about 280 acres, allocating 20% of the total area in Gaia Village to construction buildings, and the rest to green spaces and landscaping. Adapting water bodies in Gaia North Coast Village so that they resemble oceans and seas on the map.

      Types and spaces of the units

      The diversity of spaces was the dominant feature of Gaia North Coast Village, as the company provided units of different sizes in order to satisfy all tastes looking for units that provide them with comfort and psychological stability.

      • Chalet’s space starts from 121 square meters.
      • Duplex space starts from 223 square meters.
      • Twin house space starts from 245 square meters.
      • Standalone villa space starts from 275 square meters.

      Services within Gaia Village

      • The village is fully secured with excellent electronic gates, in addition to the latest types of surveillance cameras.
      • High-quality generators that work immediately in case of a power outage.
      • The village has a series of restaurants and cafes equipped on an international level, to satisfy various tastes.
      • Periodic maintenance and cleaning operations are carried out within the village.
      • Providing places for walking, running, and cycling.
      • The village has high-speed internet, so it is easy for the residents to carry out their various activities easily and conveniently.
      • The village also has a sports area to facilitate the practice of various sports for residents.
      • Swimming pools with different shapes and sizes suit for adults and children.

      Prices and payment systems

      The owner company provided units at appropriate and reasonable prices, compared to the location in which the village is located and the services that customers receive.

      Payment systems of the units

      • 5% down payment and the rest in installments over 9 years.
      • 8% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.
      • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.

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