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Baymount Sokhna Village

Posted by Noha Taher on February 16, 2024

Baymount Ain Sokhna Village is one of the finest and best tourist villages located in the best area in Ain Sokhna, on Mount Galala at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level, overlooking the seashore directly.

Details of Village Baymount Sokhna

Name of the project Baymount Sokhna Village.
Location Ain Sokhna.
Total Area 76 acres.
Types of the unis Chalet, villa.
The owner company Maven Developments Company.

Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

Location of Baymount Sokhna Village

The appropriate location for Baymount Village was chosen so that it would be worthy of what customers aspire to. The village is located 15 kilometers from the gate of Ain Sokhna, specifically in the mountainous area. This area is considered one of the most prestigious places in Sokhna, which made Baymount Sokhna Village close to many featured areas.

Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

Places near Baymount Ain Sokhna Project

  • Baymount Sokhna Village is located 11 kilometers from Monte Galala Village.
  • Only 5 kilometers separate the Baymount Village from Porto Sokhna Village.
  • It takes only 10 minutes to reach Baymount Sokhna Village from Zaafarana Road.
  • Baymount  Village can be reached from the New Administrative Capital in 50 minutes.
  • The Baymount Sokhna project is approaching the Suez Road.
  • The project is close to Aroma Village and Cape Bay Village.

Baymount Sokhna Project

Design of Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

The architectural design of the village was designed to be built on terraces, it includes 17 terraces at different levels that allow a clear view of the beaches of Baymount in Ain Sokhna. The construction percentage is only 18% of the total land area, and this percentage includes a variety of different chalets and villas.

Each unit within Baymount Sokhna Village enjoys a charming and attractive view of the green spaces, artificial lakes, and the attractive view of the sandy beaches. So that the residents can enjoy a special place and a calm and moderate atmosphere in the most prestigious place on Mount Galala in Ain Sokhna.

Baymount Sokhna Village

Area of Baymount Sokhna Village

The total land area of the Baymount Ain Sokhna project is about 76 acres. The beach area at the village is 9 acres and 30 meters long. Baymount Village is located at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level.

  • The tow-room chalet space stats from 108 square meters.
  • The three-room chalet space starts from 126 to 173 square meters.
  • The standalone villa space starts from 175 to 251 square meters.

Baymount Sokhna Project

Services available within Baymount Village

  • Mountain Elevators can be used from many areas within the village.
  • Mountain Cabins to enjoy the charming views.
  • The village’s private sandy beach is more than 300 meters wide.
  • An area dedicated to children’s games and providing the latest entertainment games.
  • Various swimming pools of different lengths and suitable for all ages.
  • Swimming pools for women only in Baymount Sokhna Village.
  • Dedicated paths for cycling, walking, and running.
  • Spaces dedicated to reading and yoga.
  • Areas for holding barbecue parties and equipped with all equipment.
  • Beach clubhouse with direct sea view.
  • A network of high-quality surveillance cameras that operates 24 hours a day.
  • Security personnel are well-trained and work around the clock.
  • Cabins are located directly on the sea, and there are also golf carts.
  • A commercial mall that includes several international and local brands.
  • A designated area includes a series of restaurants and cafes.
  • A first aid unit and emergency reception that operates 24 hours a day.
  • A complete enforcement team, trained to the highest level, including the most skilled swimming and divers.
  • A large hypermarket that stocks all food goods and products.
  • Garbage bins and cleaners also work throughout the day in the village.
  • A large pharmacy that provides medicines and all medical supplies.
  • A five-star hotel offering the highest level of hotel services.
  • A health club that provides Jacuzzi and sauna services and is also equipped with the latest technology.
  • A gym that includes several modern sports equipment.
  • Dedicated golf courses with the latest equipment.
  • A Roman theater and open cinemas are also available.
  • A walking bridge, 50 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Baymount Sokhna Project

Prices and payment systems

One of the competitive advantages that Maven Developments Company seeks is the distinctive prices that it offers within the Egyptian real estate market. If you are looking for prices that suit your capabilities, you should purchase a residential unit in Baymount Ain Sokhna Village.

  • The two-room chalet price starts from 5,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The three-room chalet price starts from 6,073,200 Egyptian pounds.
  • The standalone villa price starts from 12,174,000 Egyptian pounds.

Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

Payment systems of the units

  • 5% down payment, another 5% after three months, and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 5% down payment, another 8% after three months, and the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • 10% down payment, 5% after three months, another 10% upon receipt, and the rest in installments over 9 years.

Baymount Ain Sokhna Village

Advantages of Baymount El Sokhna Village

Baymount Sokhna Village contains all the features that customers are looking for, as it is in a strategic location near the Sokhna Gates, which makes it close to the famous areas. The village also has a unique architectural design that gives it charming views of the sea coast, as well as the presence of a great diversity in unit areas and prices, and the service facilities and entertainment means.

Drawbacks of Baymount Sokhna Village

With the many advantages that were mentioned about Baymount Village, some believe that the installment systems provided by the company do not include a system without a down payment, but the owner company considered this matter and provided the lowest reservation down payment that starts with 5%, with payment systems of up to 9 years.

Baymount Sokhna Project

The owner company and its previous projects

Maven Developments Company was established in 2009 by a group of Egyptian and foreign experts and is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate field in Egypt, as it has succeeded in delivering many projects inside and outside Egypt, which helped it achieve a qualitative leap through unique projects with different ideas, always striving to present the concepts of modern life.


Previous projects:

  • Cali Coast North Coast.
  • Avenue 30.
  • Campria Court.

FAQs about Baymount Sokhna Village

Where is the Baymount Sokhna Resort?

  • It is located in Galala City, Ain Sokhna.

How much does the unit cost in Baymount Village?

  • The unit price starts from 5,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

What types of units are available in Baymount Village?

  • Chalet, villa.

Baymount Sokhna Village

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