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El Sheikh Zayed City

Posted by Mavie Khattab on January 13, 2022

El Sheikh Zayed City which located in the Giza Governorate is regarded as one of Egypt’s most important second-generation cities, It has been established in 1995 following a large financial grant from the United Arab Emirates.

This City is distinguished by a diversity of real estate levels, residential complexes, and prices to suit and satisfy all tastes in terms of design, finishing, location, proximity to public transportation, roads, markets, shops, and other matters of interest to Any buyer whether for investment or residential purposes.

El Sheikh Zayed City

The Location of  El Sheikh Zayed

El Sheikh Zayed City is located in the west of Cairo on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, It is about 28 km from the heart of Cairo.

It is possible to travel to it through several ways, such as: the Mehwar Road, the Wahat Road, and the Ring Road. 

Contrary to what many people think, Sheikh Zayed City is not part of the 6th of October City.

Advantages of the Sheikh Zayed City site

  • It is about 35 minutes away from the 6th of October City.
  • And about 40 minutes from Giza Governorate.
  • It is approximately 50 minutes from Cairo Governorate.
  • And it is also about 70 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

Sheikh Zayed City

Services and Spaces of  El Sheikh Zayed City

El Sheikh Zayed area is about 9,500 acres, as 40% of this area has been allocated for green spaces, services, and utilities, while the rest of the area is for residential buildings.

It is one of the most integrated cities in terms of basic and recreational facilities and services as well as excellent street and residential community planning and division.

Important services of El Sheikh Zayed City

  • Many mosques, such as: Al-Rahma Mosque, Al-Jam Mosque, Bilal Bin Rabah, Al-Nour and Al-Rahma.
  • There are health services such as Al-Zohour Hospital and others.
  • There are many commercial malls, such as: Downtown Mall, Arkan Mall, Hyper One and Al Jazeera Plaza Mall.
  •  Many sports clubs, such as Al-Ahly Club.
  • There are some educational institutions such as Beverly Hills School, Orman College schools and Nile Language School.
  • Lots of cafes, shops and entertainment venues.
  • A Lot of Pharmacies, banks, parks, and gyms.

Sheikh Zayed City

The most famous neighborhoods in El Sheikh Zayed

In general, the Sheikh Zayed area has 16 distinct neighborhoods, some of which are the most important, such as:

1. The Fourth Neighborhood

It is one of the most important neighborhoods in the Sheikh Zayed area, and it is one of the neighborhoods known for its luxury and distinction.

The most important things that can distinguish the Fourth Neighborhood from other neighborhoods of El Sheikh Zayed are:

  • it contains the finest group of compounds in that city, such as: Zayed 2000 Compound.
  • And it is the most expensive in El Sheikh Zayed City in terms of housing unit prices as the price per square meter has reached fourteen thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The Fourth Neighborhood is one of the integrated neighborhoods as it contains all services Which the citizen needs.
  • It includes all types of residential units, such as:  small apartments and large villas and luxury homes to suit all tastes.

Sheikh Zayed City

2. The eighth Neighborhood

It is One of Sheikh Zayed’s most beautiful neighborhoods as well as one of the neighborhoods with many aspects of luxury.

Some of eighth Neighborhood features as follows:

  • It is one of the places that specialize in the residence of families and housing units that can suit them.
  • As it has many palaces and villas that can accommodate large families.
  • Calmness one of the most distinguishing features of the Eighth Neighborhood.
  • The general price per square meter of apartments in the eighth district begins From 8 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • But the prices per square meter of the villas starts from 14,250 thousand Egyptian pounds.

3. Fourteenth Neighborhood

It is one of the beautiful neighborhoods located in El Sheikh Zayed city, and it has many important features such as:

  • Fourteenth Neighborhood has many distinguished compounds in Sheikh Zayed such as: El Yasmine Compound.
  •  There are important landmarks in fourteenth neighborhood, such as a famous restaurant which called Tablia and the Great Mosque, which is called Al-Siddiq Mosque.
  • The price per square meter in apartments starts from 10,000 EGP.
  • But the price per square meter of villas starts From 14,250 EGP.

Sheikh Zayed City

4. The Green Revolution area

It is one of the most important areas in El Sheikh Zayed, and one of the areas that people might want to visit, as It has many features and facilities such as:

  • The original division of this region was an agricultural division which made the area allocated for housing little.
  • And Allocating the largest area for green spaces, landscaping, and other facilities.
  • One of the most distinctive features of this area is the presence of luxury villas along the road.
  • Apartment prices start at 10,950 EGP per meter, while villas prices start at 11,350 EGP per meter.

The most important residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed City

El Sheikh Zayed compounds are the finest and most luxurious residential areas in Giza for everyone who loves recreation far from overcrowding.

Life Park Compound

It is close to Hyper One, It includes a large shopping mall, private garages, health clubs, cafes, and restaurants and security and guarding at the highest level.

Life Park Compound

Continental Residence Compound

It is considered one of the smallest projects in Sheikh Zayed, with an area of ​​only 25 acres. It is characterized by tranquility, high security, a sports and health club, swimming pools for adults and children, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes.

Sodem West Town Compound

It is located near the Sixth District and is characterized by the presence of wide green spaces, playgrounds, gyms, security and guarding, international and language schools, nurseries, tennis, golf and football courts.

Capstone El Sheikh Zayed Compound

It is located near a Saudi hypermarket and Al-Ahly Club, It features many services and facilities including a shopping mall, private garages, clubhouses, artificial lakes, running and cycling paths, 24-hour security and guarding, barbecue areas and green spaces, a gym and a spa.

Capstone Sheikh Zayed Compound

Beverly Hills Compound

It is the first compound designed and built on a large area and it is located near the 16th district.

It features sports clubs, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, a gym, international schools, beauty centers, medical centers, pharmacies, and nurseries.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

It is located close to the Ring Road, the 26th of July Corridor and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed is characterized by the presence of a large number of shops and supermarkets, spaces for jogging and bicycles, gardens, sports and health clubs, a large medical complex, and a games area, along with security and guarding.

Etapa Compound, Sheikh Zayed1

The Estates Compound

It is at kilo 44 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road with an area of 150 acres, it includes many features such as:

  • Club House.
  • A commercial area.
  • Crystal lakes.
  • Landscape.
  • Social, sports and health clubs.

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