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Hadaba Sheikh Zayed October
Not Available

Hadaba twin house villa

Start from EGP 8,237,000
Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10 years
Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10 years
4 4 362 m2details
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    Hadaba Sheikh Zayed October
    Not Available

    Hadaba stand alone villa

    Start from EGP 13,254,000
    Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10 years
    Payment: 0% down payment Installment up to 10 years
    6 6 500 m2details
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      Hadaba Compound 6 October should be your top pick if you’re seeking a top-notch resident community where you can enjoy the area’s close proximity to the major highways and entrances as well as being exceptionally privileged with all the necessary daily and opulent amenities.

      Location of Hadaba Compound 6 October

      Hadaba Compound is strategically located in 6th October City, close to Cairo’s main highways, which makes accessibility to it very easy. Furthermore, its proximity to the most livable landmarks on the 6th of October.

      Places close to Compound Hadaba October

      • Remaya Square
      • Ring road
      • Cairo-Alexandria desert road.
      • Juhayna Square
      • Oasis Road
      • Misr Mall
      • Egypt museum
      • Axis road.
      • El-Sheikh Zayed City.

      Design of Hadaba 6th October Compound

      Roya Developments has used the best design companies to put modern international designs for all units of Hadaba Compound with high-quality glass facades that reflect the wonderful landscapes and water bodies from every direction.

      Inside the compound, you will live a unique luxurious living experience, by enjoying all the entertainment and basic means.

      Areas of Compound Hadaba Roya October

      Hadaba Compound covers a large area of 35, this area is professionally exploited to include a diversity of units in order to allow the chance for everyone to choose the suitable type for his family.

      Inside the compound, there are villas, townhouses, and twin houses in varying sizes starting from 242 up to 587 square meters.

      Services within October Plaza Compound

      • Wide green spaces and water features are distributed around the buildings.
      • Providing open places for sitting, reading, and practicing yoga.
      • Tracks allocated for walking, running, and jogging
      • A number of private garages for car parking.
      • A kids area, including all safely games for children.
      • High-end security services and surveillance cameras are available within the compound.
      • Firefighting systems are available to deal automatically with any emergency fire.
      • A distinctive collection of restaurants and cafes, serving all types of plates and drinks.
      • There are commercial malls for shopping lovers.
      • A number of swimming pools of different sizes for all ages.
      • Providing a sports club for practicing all types of sports.
      • A large gym includes state-of-art sports equipment.
      • Periodic cleaning and maintenance services are available inside the compound.
      • A number of generators to ensure permanent electricity.

      Unit prices and payment systems

      Hadaba Prices are considered very affordable, compared to the amount of services, modern designs, and the exceptional location of the compound.

      Payment plans for the units

      • 5% as a down payment, followed by 5% after three months, 10% upon delivery, and the remaining price would be paid over 6 years.
      • A down payment of 10% of the total unit price, 5% after three months, another 10% when the unit is delivered, and the remaining amount would be paid in installments over 7 years.
      • A down payment of 10% of the entire unit price, another 10% payment after three months, and the remaining balance over 7 years.

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