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M Business Tower New Capital

Posted by Noha Taher on March 31, 2024

Modon Developments Company has offered an irreplaceable opportunity for everyone looking to invest or begin their business inside the New Administrative Capital by launching its project, M Business Tower New Capital, which features a unique location in the heart of the downtown area, an eye-catching design, a variety of investment units in various spaces, and integrated services, along with unbeatable prices and long-term payment systems.

Details of Mall M Business New Capital

Name of the project M Business Tower.
Location the New Administrative Capital.
Total Area 2,332 square meters.
Types of the units commercial and administrative units.
Spaces start from 33 square meters.
The owner company Modon Real Estate Company.

M Business Tower New Capital

Location of M Business Tower

The location of any investment project is one of the most important factors that contribute to attracting the largest number of investors and customers, so Modon Real Estate Company has chosen a strategic location for its M Business Tower project in the heart of the Downtown area near the most important landmarks of the New Administrative Capital, where high traffic is guaranteed.

M Business Tower New Capital

Adjacent places to M Business New Capital

  • The tower is 3 minutes away from Green River Administrative Capital.
  • One minute separates M Business Tower from the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • It takes about 5 minutes to reach M Business Tower from Masr Mosque.
  • 6 minutes away from the Ministries neighborhood.
  • Moreover, M Business Tower adjoins the monorail station.
  • M Business New Capital is approximate to Gemini Towers New Capital and Westin Park Tower.

Design of M Business Tower New Capital

The M Business Tower project is unique with the distinctive designs that made it stand out from other projects in the downtown region, as the project was designed in a modern style that reflects luxury and sophistication in its smallest details. The splendor of the designs was not limited to the external facades of the mall only but exceeded this to include the interior decorations of the various units.

M Business Mall New Capital consists of 13 floors, divided between commercial and administrative units as follows:

  • The ground floor up to the second floor, is dedicated to commercial units.
  • The third floor to the eleventh floor has been allocated for administrative units.
  • There is also a roof on a large area dedicated to restaurants and cafes, with impressive views of the most famous landmarks in the New Capital.

M Business Tower New Capital

Area of Business Tower New Capital

M Business Tower Administrative Capital covers a large area of 2,332 square meters, and this area includes various administrative and commercial units with different areas, and the area of the units is as follows:

  • The area of commercial units starts from 33 square meters.
  • Administrative unit space starts from 40 square meters.

Services available within Mall M Business Tower

M Business Tower Mall Administrative Capital includes a distinctive package of facilities and various services that provide customers with everything they need, whether it is basic or recreational services and other services that work to provide an ideal environment for work and production. The most prominent of these services are the following:

  • M Business Tower provides regular maintenance and cleaning services throughout the week.
  • The mall includes several restaurants and cafes that offer services at the highest level.
  • Escalators and panoramic elevators for easy movement within the M Business Mall.
  • M Business Tower enjoys outstanding security services through highly qualified security and guarding personnel.
  • There are also modern surveillance cameras that work 24 hours a day.
  • There are ATM machines so that you can finalize all your financial transactions without having to leave the mall.
  • To prevent congestion in front of the project, there is a large, secured garage that can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • M Business New Capital Tower operates with smart systems such as alarms and lighting.
  • M Business Tower is one of the eco-friendly projects, as it is powered by solar energy.
  • The mall provides you with high-speed internet to do your tasks in a short time.
  • Green spaces and landscapes are spread throughout M Business Tower Administrative Capital, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

M Business Tower

Prices and payment systems

Modon Developments has offered ideal prices to suit different categories, and this is the most important thing that distinguishes M Business Mall from other neighboring projects, and the prices vary according to the type of unit and its area, and the prices are as follows:

  • Commercial units are available at prices starting from 1,300,0000 EGP.
  • Administrative units are available at prices starting from 880,000 EGP.

M Business Tower New Capital

Payment systems for the units

Modon Real Estate offers a variety of flexible payment systems so that the customer can purchase his appropriate unit and pay the rest of the amount in installments over several years, and the payment methods are as follows:

Commercial units

  • You can pay a 10% down payment and installments over 10 years.
  • Commercial units are delivered fully finished with air conditioners.

Administrative units

  • Paying a 10% down payment and installments over 4 years.
  • Paying an 11% down payment, and the rest of the amount is to be paid in installments over 8 years.

M Business Tower New Capital

Advantages of investing inside M Business New Capital

M Business Tower New Capital enjoys endless features that make it a golden opportunity for successful investment, starting from an exceptional location in downtown, an incredible modern design, and comprehensive services. Furthermore, M Business Tower units are available in varying spaces at ideal prices. Modon Developments has also offered flexible installment systems for over 10 years.

Drawbacks of M Business Tower

Some may see that the location of M Business Mall New Capital is a bit far. But this is not true, as the Egyptian state has established a new road network, monorail, and new axes that facilitate movement from the New Administrative Capital to the center of Cairo in a short time.

M Business Tower New Capital

The owner company and its previous projects

Modon Real Estate Development Company is an Egyptian-Kuwaiti company that was established in 1980, and it has implemented huge, high-quality projects that have achieved great success and a high sales rate. One of the most important features of the company is its permanent commitment to delivering projects with the highest quality and efficiency on time, so it has left a prominent imprint in the Arab real estate market.

M Business Tower New Capital

Previous projects of Modon Company

  • Central Iconic Tower New Capital.
  • Hilton New Capital Modon.
  • The Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • Mega Tower Cities Administrative Capital.
  • Garden View Compound.
  • Green River Tower Administrative Capital.
  • More than 300 buildings in Nasr City.
  • A group of hospitals and schools in Kuwait in addition to commercial malls in Egypt and Kuwait.

FAQ M Business Modon Tower New Capital

What is the location of M Business Tower?

Downtown area in the Administrative Capital.

What is the area of M Business Tower?

2332 square meters.

Who is the real estate developer of M Business Tower?

Modon Real Estate Development Company.

What is the finishing system in M Business Tower Mall?

Full super lux finishing or semi-finishing.

What is the delivery date of the units in M Business Tower?


What are the types of units in M Business Tower?

Commercial and administrative.

M Business Tower New Capital

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