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Solano Mall New Capital

Posted by Noha Taher on January 16, 2024

Solano Mall New Capital is considered a promising investment opportunity for everyone looking for successful investment inside the New Administrative Capital, thanks to numerous attractive factors in terms of an exceptional location, modern designs of the international character, a variety of units with different spaces, surrounded by endless integrated services. In addition, the owner company has offered competitive prices and long-term payment systems of up to 9 years.

Details of Mall Solano New Capital

Name of the project Solano Mall New Capital.
Location on plot 13-MU1 in the Downtown area.
Total Area 2,216 square meters.
Number of the floors a ground floor + 8 upper floors.
Types of the units medical, administrative, and commercial units.
The owner company Capital Link Real Estate Company.

Mall solano New Capital

Location of Solano Mall New Capital

Solano Mall New Capital is distinguished by its exceptional geographical location in the New Administrative Capital, as it is in the heart of the Administrative Capital, specifically on plot 13-MU1 in the Downtown area, overlooking two main streets. Therefore, it became close to the most important landmarks in the New Capital, and the main roads and axes.

Solano Mall New Capital

Places close to Mall Solano New Capital

  • Solano Mall is located near the Central Bank and Green River.
  • It is also a short distance from the Grand Mosque and the Cathedral Church.
  • Its proximity to the Al Masa Hotel and the Presidential Palace.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to reach Cairo International Airport from the mall.
  • Solano Mall is 10 minutes away from the Fifth Settlement.
  • German University is 14 minutes away from Solano Mall New Capital.
  • The mall is connected to main axes and roads such as Suez Road, Ain Sokhna Road, and the main 90th Street.
  • The mall is located 10 minutes away from the government district and 25 minutes from New Cairo.
  • Mall Solano is also close to the Opera House and the Seventh and Eighth Districts.
  • It is also close to famous malls such as Central 33 Mall, Soul Plaza Mall New Capital, I Business Park New Capital, and White 14 Mall.

Design of Solano New Capital Mall

Solano Mall New Capital features a unique modern design with high-end glass facades that simulate investment international malls. Furthermore, all units within the mall enjoy dazzling views of the most important landmarks of the entire New Administrative Capital. The mall consists of a ground floor + 8 upper floor, divided as follows:

  • Commercial units are located on the ground floor.
  • Medical units and clinics occupy the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • The administrative units and offices are located from the 3rd to the 8th floor.

Solano Mall New Capital

Area of Solano Mall Administrative Capital

The total area of Solano Mall in the New Administrative Capital is estimated at 2,216 square meters, 30% of the total area is allocated for construction, while 70% of the area is allocated for green spaces, facilities, and services to meet all requirements and aspirations of both customers and investors.

Spaces of the units inside Mall Solano

The units’ spaces within Solano Mall New Capital varied to suit all customers, and the spaces were as follows:

  • The area of commercial units starts from 46 square meters on the ground floor, and the area of medical units starts from 46 square meters.
  • As for the ​​administrative units and offices, their areas start from 34 square meters.

Services available within Mall Solano New Capital

Inside the Solano New Capital project, you will find all the integrated services, public facilities, and entertainment that satisfy all your needs and your family as well. Among the most important of these services are the following:

  • Wide green spaces and landscaping provide charming views for all mall units.
  • The project has marble entrances and electronic gates that facilitate the entry and exit of customers.
  • There is a private garage inside the mall that can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • A large number of international restaurants and cafes, with the highest level of service.
  • The units are equipped with air conditioning and advanced fire extinguishing systems.
  • There are also electric elevators with a panoramic view that facilitate transportation between floors.
  • There is also a solar-powered lighting system and smart control of lighting and temperature.
  • In addition, the mall contains a supermarket and a mosque for prayer.
  • An integrated security system and surveillance cameras are distributed inside the mall.
  • The mall also provides ATMs, electric generators, and advanced internet service.
  • A large area has also been allocated for recreational games, which contains many games for fun and entertainment.
  • There are pharmacies and medical centers to serve all customers.
  • There are signs everywhere inside the mall to help you get to their destinations easily.

Mall solano New Capital

Prices and payment systems

The prices per meters inside Solano Mall New Capital differ depending on the unit’s type and location inside the mall, as follows:

  • The price per square meter of administrative offices in Solano Mall starts from 10,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for medical clinics in Solano Mall, their price per square meter starts from 15,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter of shops begins at 49,500 Egyptian pounds.

Solano Mall New Capital

Payment systems for the units

Capital Link Development Company has provided multiple payment systems with the lowest down payments to facilitate the opportunity to own a luxurious unit inside the best location of the New Administrative Capital for the largest number of investors and customers. These payment systems can be clarified as follows:

  • The first system requires a 0% payment, and installments up to 5 years.
  • The second system requires a 10% payment, with installments up to 6 years.
  • While the third system is to pay a 15% down payment, 7% after one year, and the remainder in installments up to 7 years.
  • The fourth system requires paying a 20% down payment + 10% after one year and paying the rest in installments for up to 8 years.
  • The fifth system requires paying a 25% down payment + 10% after one year and paying the rest in installments for up to 9 years.

Finishing systems and unit delivery times

Capital Link Real Estate Company announced that the administrative and medical units inside the Solano Mall will be delivered fully finished with air conditioning, while the commercial units will be delivered with semi-finished in red bricks, and the delivery date of the units will be in 2024.

Mall solano New Capital

Features of investing inside Solano Mall New Capital

  • Solano Mall is located in a strategic location in the Downtown area, surrounded by the most prominent landmarks in the Administrative Capital.
  • In particular, the mall enjoys a high-end design carried out by the leading engineering experts in the real estate market.
  • The project offers diverse investment units to suit any activity you want to start inside the New Administrative Capital.
  • Mall Solano New Capital has all the basic services and facilities, in addition to various entertainment means that attract visitors.
  • Solano Project offers competitive prices for all units, compared to other neighboring projects in Downtown.
  • The developer company has provided multiple payment systems, allowing customers to pay for the unit according to their capabilities.

Solano Mall New Capital

Drawbacks of Solano New Capital Project

Some might consider the flaw of the Solano Mall project is the scheduled 2024 delivery of commercial, administrative, or clinic units, which may not suit investors seeking for immediate investment. However, the owner company has offered incomparable features for the mall, presenting an irreplaceable highly profitable investment opportunity at the most reasonable prices in New Capital.

Mall solano New Capital

The owner company and its previous projects

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company is the owner company of the Solano Mall New Capital project, which is a leading company in the field of real estate investment and development in Egypt, with long experience in implementing successful real estate projects, and it also has a strong mutual relationships with investors and government agencies.

It was established in 2020, and since then the company has succeeded in implementing a group of successful real estate projects in Egypt, especially in the New Administrative Capital. Engineer/ Ashraf Badie is the founder of the company and is one of the most important engineers who has extensive experience in the field of real estate and was able to implement many projects.

Capital Link Developments

Previous projects of Capital Link Company

  • Cardia Compound New Capital.
  • Laval Mall New Capital.
  • Dorado Mall New Capital.
  • Verona Mall New Capital.
  • Spot 5 New Capital.

Question about Mall Solano New Capital

Where is Solano Mall Administrative Capital located?

In the heart of Downtown in the New Administrative Capital.

Who is the real estate developer of Solano Mall New Capital?

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company.

What are the types of units in Solano Mall?

Commercial, administrative, and medical.

What is the delivery date of the units?

Year 2024.

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