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Vision Tower New Capital

Posted by Noha Taher on November 23, 2023

Vision Tower New Capital is a huge investment project that has many unique features. It contains a large number of administrative units equipped with amazing technological methods and technologies, in addition to special unbeatable prices, with the introduction of suitable payment systems with a distinctive profit return. It is the latest project of the National Investment Group Company (NIG Developments).

Vision Tower New Capital

Details of Vision New Capital Project

Name of the project Vision Tower New Capital.
Location in the Financial and Business District.
Total area 10.818.66 square meters.
The number of floors a ground floor + 7 upper floors.
Types of the units Administrative units.
The owner company National Investment Group Company.

Vision Tower New Capital

Location of Vision Tower New Capital

Vision Tower New Capital is located in the Financial and Business District, specifically at the entrance to the Financial District on the Central axis directly after the Al-Massa Hotel. The project is distinguished by its view of the Iconic Tower and important towers in the Central Business District (CBD), such as Infinity Tower and Nile Business City. Vision Mall also has a direct view of the Central Station, the Post Office Building, and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Vision Tower New Capital

Places close to Vision Mall New Capital

  • Vision Tower New Capital has a direct view of the Egyptian Post Office Building.
  • The project is close to the Tourist Towers Area.
  • The Vision Tower New Capital project is only a few minutes away from Banque Du Caire.
  • Only 250 meters separate the Vision Tower New Capital from the Monorail Station.
  • The Tower is approximately 150 meters away from the Al-Masa Hotel.

Design of Vision Tower New Capital

The design of Vision Tower New Capital is distinct and perfectly proportional to its administrative activity, as it consists of a ground floor in addition to 7 upper floors, and what distinguishes the floors most is their net height, the ground floor has a net height of 5.45 meter, and for the rest of the floors, their height reaches 4.05 meters.

The tower is unique in its glass facades and elegant design, which attracts the attention of many customers and investors. It has been implemented with the most precise construction methods and the finest engineering designs that suit those with exquisite taste.

Vision Tower New Capital

Types and spaces of the units

The total land space on which the project was built was 10.818.66 square meters, and the company provided a background area of 3.776 square meters for green views, it was keen to have a green view over an area of about 12.000 square meters, in order to provide natural views in four plots next to each other. Thus; the percentage of the green space reached 70% of the total project area.

The total space of the floors is as follows:

  • The space of the first and second basements is 10,818.66 square meters each.
  • The ground floor space is 5,572.44 square meters, and the units are 13.
  • The space of the first floor is 4,041.89 square meters, and the number of units is 56.
  • The space of the second floor is 4,470.63 square meters and includes 56 units.
  • The space of the third and fourth floors is 4,773.81 square meters each, and the number of units is 57 per floor.
  • The space of the fifth floor is 5,100.69 square meters, and the number of units is 55.
  • The space of the sixth floor is 4,792.54 square meters, and the number of units is 55.
  • The seventh floor has a space of 4,254.65 square meters and contains 45 administrative units.
  • The administrative units’ space starts from 44 square meters.

Vision Tower New Capital

Services and features within Vision Tower New Capital

  • Vision Tower contains 2 garages in the total land space, in addition to 7 elevators, two of which are designated for services, and one in the middle of the mall lobby to enjoy the panoramic view.
  • Excellent security services as well as 24-hour guarding.
  • The entire mall operates with central air conditioning and an air purifier, as well as high-speed internet.
  • On each floor, there is a waiting hall equipped with the latest amenities and luxury, in addition to two meeting rooms on each floor.
  • It contains safe escalators to facilitate the movement of customers between floors and provides display screens to reach the desired destination easily.
  • A distinguished car cleaning and washing service, operating with the latest systems.
  • The mall operates on an energy-saving system, as solar energy is used.
  • All entrances to the mall operate automatically and are elegantly designed to suit the activity of Vision Tower New Capital.
  • Vision Tower contains a gym, fully equipped with the latest equipment to serve businessmen.
  • Halls have been provided to receive VIP visitors, equipped with all modern technology to carry out work and comfort.
  • The Roof Top area provides distinguished services to all administrative units and offices within the mall.
  • Vision Tower New Capital contains luxury restaurants and upscale cafes, in order to provide the best service to businessmen and clients.
  • An entertainment area for children that contains all kinds of games and entertainment, while ensuring that all means of safety are provided.

Vision Tower New Capital

Prices and payment systems

In addition to all the various spaces; the prices of Vision Tower New Capital are appropriate for the brilliant investment success it will achieve. The price per square meter for the administrative unit starts from 34,500 Egyptian pounds.

Vision Tower New Capital

Payment systems of the units

  • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • 15% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years.

Vision Tower New Capital

The disadvantages of Vision Tower New Capital

Some investors explained that there is one of the defects that affected the project, was the company’s specialization in administrative units, as investors in the real estate market in Egypt were aspiring to diversify the project. The company explained that its specialization this time came in administrative offices with the best investment advantages in the entire Egyptian real estate market.

Vision Tower New Capital

The owner company and its previous projects

National Investment Group Company (NIG Developments) has been able to carve a name for itself in the world of real estate development, with more than 15 years of experience in this field, through the establishment of a large number of projects, for which it was keen to choose the best locations for it, as well as to seek the help of reliable expertise, in order to implement its projects with high-quality international standards, the company has used in the Vision Tower project:

  • Architectural Consultant Dr. Saad Makram.
  • Structural Consultant Dr. Adel Jabr.
  •  Project Manager Dr. Asaad Salama.

Vision Tower New Capital

Previous projects of NIG Developments

  • New City in Damietta.
  • A large number of buildings in New Cairo, such as Al-Qurnfol, Al-Andalus, and Beit Al-Watan.

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