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New Cairo Full Map

Posted by Noha Taher on January 13, 2022

The Egyptian government established New Cairo City with the goal of reducing overcrowding in the Delta region and Greater Cairo, so the New Cairo Full Map has been carefully planned to serve as an integrated city that includes all types of facilities, services, and huge projects, which combines luxury and modernity making it an appealing area for many residents and investors.

New Cairo Full Map

New Cairo City

It is one of the third generation cities that was established in 2000 by a presidential decision, and it was built on an area of about 70 acres.

The city was built away from the densely populated Delta region along the Nile River in order to re-distribute the geographical population, reduce congestion, and reconstruct desert areas.

New Cairo is also distinguished by a wide range of facilities, basic and recreational services, and real estate projects of all types to meet all demands. All of this, New Cairo has one of the most affordable prices in Greater Cairo.

New Cairo Full Map

Location of New Cairo City

The city’s geographical location can be easily known through New Cairo Map, as it is located on the eastern side of the capital (Cairo city), between the important road that connects Kattameya – Ain Sokhna and the desert road that connects Cairo – to the city of Suez.

As the map of New Cairo that it is surrounded by a network of main and important roads, connecting it with the surrounding cities with ease, including:

  • The first ring road from the eastern side of the city.
  • Hurghada – Ain Sokhna road from the western side of the city.
  • And the Cairo-Suez Desert Road from the north side of the city.
  • Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road from the south side of the city.

Places near New Cairo Fifth Settlement

  • The distance between the capital and New Cairo is around 34 km (37 minutes).
  • Giza City is 47 km (50 minutes) from the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.
  • It is also 120 km away from Suez, which is around an hour and a half by car.
  • Furthermore, the new administrative capital is 60 kilometers away from New Cairo.
  • The city is especially distinguished by its proximity to Cairo International Airport.
  • Nasr City is 57 kilometers away from the city and takes an hour and a third by car.
  • The Maadi neighborhood is 36 kilometers away, and takes around half an hour (35 minutes).
  • Heliopolis is 68 km away and takes about two hours by car.

New Cairo City

Neighborhoods of New Cairo Full Map

By looking at the New Cairo Map, it will become clear to us a number of the names of the most prominent communities and neighborhoods in New Cairo, which are distinguished by their creative urban planning on the latest international model.

The most important of these neighborhoods are as follows:

  • The first, second, third and fifth settlements.
  • Rehab City.
  • Choueifat neighborhood.
  • Al-Narjis neighborhood.
  • Andalus neighborhood real estate.
  • Tamr Henna neighborhood.
  • Northern lotus neighborhood.
  •  Southern Lotus District.
  • Clove neighborhood.
  • Northern Investors District.
  • And the southern academy district.
  • Abu Sphinx neighborhood.
  • Homeland House.

New Cairo City

Features and services of New Cairo

New Cairo differs from the other cities of the third generation in that it is a city with integrated facilities, which includes all of the main services as well as entertainment, so that you do not need to go out to the capital to meet your needs, and the most important of these services are as follows:

1. Major shopping centers and malls, including:

  • Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Concord Plaza.
  • Meeting Point.
  • Hala Mall.
  • Point Ninety.
  • Seven Star.
  • Valley Mall.
  • Spot Mall.
  • Americana Plaza
  • Emerald Plaza.

2. Important universities, such as the following:

  • The American University in Cairo.
  • The German University in Cairo.
  • And the University of the Future.
  • The Police Academy.
  • New Cairo Academy.

3. There are a large number of public, private and international schools, the most famous of which are:

  • Cairo Experimental Language School.
  • Lycee Balzac French International School.
  • Misr International School.
  • Misr British International School.
  • German School.
  • International French School.
  • Canadian School.
  • Salah School Turkish Religion.
  • Al Yasser Private Language School.

4. It has a large number of clubs and golf courses for providing more entertainment, including:

  • Wadi Degla Club.
  • Al Ahly Club.
  • Black Ball Club.
  • New Cairo Club.
  • Kattameya Club.
  • Aviation Club.
  • Al Zohour Club.
  • Platinum Club and Black Ball Club.

5. The units in New Cairo range between buildings, skyscrapers, and stand-alone villas, as well as between residential or administrative or commercial.

6. There are many levels of houses available, from medium to luxury, with all costs, spaces, views, and locations.

7. Mosques and churches, including the Field Marshal Tantawi Mosque, the Fatima Al-Sharbatly Mosque, the Hassan Al-Sharbatly Mosque, and the Al-Farouq Mosque.

8. Furthermore it includes headquarters for all government departments, police and traffic stations, and administrative offices.

9. Green spaces and scenic nature permeate all buildings of New Cairo.


The most prominent compounds within New Cairo City

  • Mivida New Cairo Compound: It is located 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport, and the prices of apartments start from 3,957,000 EGP for an apartment, and 12,100,000 EGP for villas.
  • Hyde Park New Cairo: It is located in the Al-Rawda neighborhood, and apartment prices start at 1,900,000 pounds, while villa prices start at 13,000,000 pounds, and there are duplexes and townhouses.
  • Taj City New Cairo: It is located in front of Kempinski Hotel and JW Marriott, 5 minutes from Teseen Street, and apartment prices start at 1,200,000 EGP, while villa prices start at 5,000,000 EGP.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park: 5 minutes from the American University, overlooking Hyde Park and the Gezira Club. as apartment prices start at 1,650,000 EGP, while villa prices start at 25,000,000 EGP.
  • Kattameya Dunes New Cairo: a few minutes away from Teseen Street, near the Ring Road and Suez Road, villa prices start at 8 million pounds.
  • Kattameya Gardens: It is located next to the American University and the University of the Future, and unit prices start from one million and 850 thousand pounds for apartments, and 3 million and 50 thousand pounds for villas.
  • Katameya Heights Compound: It is located minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and the prices of apartments start from 12 million pounds, and the prices of villas start from 25 million pounds.
  • The Square Fifth Settlement: It is only 5 minutes away from the American University, and near Hyde Park. Apartment prices start at 1,200,000, and villa prices start at 4,500,000 EGP.

New Cairo full map

The best compounds in the Fifth Settlement

  • Village Garden Katameya: It is located in the second phase in New Cairo. Apartment prices start at 1,700,000 EGP, and 4,500,000 EGP for villas.
  • Stone Residence Compound: It is located in the Fifth Settlement, 15 minutes from the American University and Cairo International Airport, and apartment prices start at 1,550,000 EGP, while penthouse prices start at 2,582,000 EGP.
  • Porto New Cairo: It is located on the main Teseen Street, where apartment prices start at 1,150,000 EGP, while duplex apartments’ prices start at 2,200,000 EGP.
  • West Golf Fifth Settlement: It is located next to Katameya Heights, and apartment prices start at 1,690,000 pounds, while villa prices start at 4,200,000 pounds, and duplexes start from 3,500,000 pounds.

New Cairo full map

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