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Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

Posted by Noha Taher on October 23, 2023

Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound is the latest residential project of Arkan Palm Developments Company. This project constitutes the beginning of a series of huge projects between two large entities such as Arkan and Palm Hills, with care being taken to provide ideal finishes, services, and facilities.

Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

Details of Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Name of the project Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound.
Location Sheikh Zayed City.
Total Area 205 acres.
Types of the units Apartments, and duplexes.
The owner company Arkan Palm Company.

Location of Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

Compound 205 is located in the heart of the Sheikh Zayed area, specifically on the 26th of July axis, on two main roads; the Central Axis with a frontage of 1 Km, and Al-Bustan Road with a frontage of 1.5 Km, which is a lively location, as it is considered the Downtown of Sheikh Zayed City, and it is a distinguished and exceptional location. With a direct view of all units on the rivers and lakes of the compound, therefore, the residents can enjoy the best view of their units among the neighboring Sheikh Zayed compounds.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Places close to Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

  • Compound Zayed 205 is 1 Km away from the Central Axis.
  • The compound is located 1.5 Km from the main Al-Bustan Road.
  • The New Administrative Capital is only an hour and a half away from the Zayed 205 Compound.
  • Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound is approximately 45 minutes away from Greater Cairo.
  • It is also a few minutes away from Zed Towers El-Sheikh Zayed.
  • The compound is also located a short distance from Arkan Plaza Mall and Capital Business Park.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Design of Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

The Sheikh Zayed 205 project was designed by Raef Fahmy, a well-known name in the world of architecture. He was keen to design the project in a modern style rich in dazzling details, with double entrances, insulating walls, and integrated hotel finishes, while providing the most advanced smart home system in the world. The company delivered units with central air conditioning, kitchens, and a single storage room.

The compound provides many types of residential units, such as apartments and duplexes of varying sizes. Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound was designed to include a group of hotel apartments affiliated with the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is one of the companies of the InterContinental Group, in addition to a wide range of services and facilities.

Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

Types and spaces of the units

The compound was built on an area of 205 acres, on this space, 21 buildings were established on 50 acres. The developer company has provided varying sizes for the apartments of the compound, which are similar in size to the villas of some neighboring compounds.

  • One-room apartment’ space starts from 108 square meters and reaches up to 122 square meters.
  • Two-room apartment’ space starts from 131 square meters and reaches 179 square meters.
  • Tree-room apartment’ space starts from 173 up to 253 square meters.
  • Two-room Duplex space starts from 155 square meters.
  • The 3-room Duplex space starts from 255 square meters and reaches 320 square meters.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Services and features within Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

  • One of the most prominent exceptional services that you will not find anywhere else is the provision of three health clubs, which guarantees you diversity and the highest standards of luxury.
  • The compound offers four elevators for residents and a service elevator that operates with the latest technology.
  • The security system in the compound makes you live in peace of mind, high-quality surveillance cameras monitor the entrances and exits of the entire place, and the security staff is trained to maintain the safety of individuals and units.
  • Swimming pools suitable for children and adults, with various shapes and sizes.
  • For sports enthusiasts a large gym has been created that includes all modern sports equipment, and allows you to practice sports at the hands of a group of the most skilled trainers.
  • A tourist walkway overlooking wonderful and dazzling gardens and green spaces.
  • The Kids’ area has been created with many games and fun activities for children to have fun.
  • An international hospital was established in addition to medical clinics equipped with all modern medical equipment and many specialties, and fully prepared to receive emergency cases around the clock.
  • Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound offers the Home Automation system, which connects all home appliances to facilitate control.
  • There are tracks designated for walking and others for running, and there are also tracks designed specifically for cycling in large areas.
  • An international school that offers the best educational system ever, while providing all services and means to achieve the best student experience.
  • In the Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound, there is a pharmacy that provides all medicines and medical supplies.
  • The green patch occupies a large area of the compound, represented by young trees, palm trees, and colorful flowers that allow you to enjoy a healthy atmosphere, clean air, and a picturesque natural view.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Prices and payment systems

The owner company has confirmed that the average prices of apartments in Compound 205 will be comparable to the price of booking villas in many neighboring projects in the Sheikh Zayed area, so that the customer can enjoy a luxurious life in return for paying a price that is not exaggerated, and unit prices in the compound starts from 5,100,000 Egyptian pounds, prices gradually rise with the increase in the space allocated to the residential unit.

Payment systems of the units

  • 5% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 7 years.

Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

Disadvantage of Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound

The absence of villas within the project is a weak point. However, the project offers an exciting alternative by providing duplexes with an area of 255 square meters, in addition to apartments with an attached garden on the ground floor. These options give the resident features similar to villas in terms of space and garden but at a lower cost.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

The owner company and its previous projects

Arkan Palm Developments Company is the founding company of the Sheikh Zayed 205 Compound, and it is a union of two large entities represented by Arkan Company and Palm Hills Company, as this combination provided a large group of important projects over the course of 12 years, as both companies have a huge precedent of work, now the most important and largest project is being presented in Sheikh Zayed City, with investments amounting to 75 billion pounds.

Compound 205 Sheikh Zayed

Previous projects:

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