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IL Bosco New Capital Compound

Posted by umniah on April 15, 2022

Misr Italia Company has launched its most important project within the administrative capital, which is IL Bosco New Capital Compound, which was distinguished by its strategic location as well as its countless services which made it as an integrated city to meet all needs of investors and residents.

IL Bosco New Capital Compound

The location of IL Bosco New Capital

It is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital so that the project is directly on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

In addition to its wonderful view of the Green River, one of the most important rivers that characterized the New Administrative Capital.

The compound is also located near many important vital places within the Administrative Capital, which made it a point of attraction for all investors and clients.

IL Bosco New Capital Compound

The location of IL Bosco New Capital.

Places near Il Bosco New Capital Compound

  • The compound is close to the Diplomatic Quarter in the New Administrative Capital.
  • It is about 30 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • The compound is located approximately ten minutes from New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement.
  • It is close to the well-known Al Massa Hotel and the Medical City.
  • Particularly it is also about five minutes’ walk from the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the new opera building.
  • It is about five minutes away from the green river.
  • Il Bosco is located close to the Presidential Palace and the Conference Center, as well as the R7 district.
  • The compound is also close to the Midtown Sky project, Entrada Compound, Vinci Compound, and La Vista City.

Design of IL Bosco New Capital

Misr Italia Real Estate Company presents a new urban ecosystem within Il Bosco New Capital, as you will enjoy a luxurious residence secluded from the outside world.

It is unique in international modern designs to provide the luxurious modern life that you have always desired with the best services that meet all of your needs.

The project also offers a variety of residential units with exquisite interiors and glass facades, as it has been divided into apartments, twin houses, penthouses and standalone villas.

IL Bosco Compound

The design of IL Bosco Compound’s Units.

Division of IL Bosco Administrative Capital

  • The Valley of Bosco, a quiet area away from noise for lovers of quiet areas, It is also the first to be listed for sale.
  • There is the Bosco Meadows area, which is one of the project’s most prestigious areas with views of the Green River and forests.
  • In addition to the Bosco Park area, which connects the compound’s east and west sides.
  • Finally, there is the Bosco Cliff area, where the club is located.
IL Bosco New Capital

The division of IL Bosco Compound.

Services and Spaces of IL Bosco Compound

The compound occupied an area of 200 acres, 20% of which was allocated for residential buildings, while the rest of the area is allocated for green spaces, artificial lakes and services.

As the owner company was keen on providing all the types of residential units with various spaces to suit all customers and investors.

Units spaces in IL Bosco Compound

The units’ spaces varied within Compound IL Bosco New Capital according to the type of unit.

As spaces are represented as follows:

  • The size of apartments ranges from 122 to 207 square meters.
  • But the penthouse space ranges between 247 to 280 square meters.
  • While the space in a twin house ranges from 251 to 321.5 square meters.
  • Finally, small villas spaced start from 399 square meters.
  • While stand-alone villas range from 406 to 531 square meters.

The services of IL Bosco Compound New Capital

  • Providing security and guarding services to ensure the safety and security of clients and visitors.
  • Surveillance cameras are strategically placed throughout the compound to increase security, safety, and property preservation.
  • Providing a number of international schools, nurseries, and universities.
  • Medical centers with a large elite team of doctors in all specialties to ensure citizens’ health.
  • Providing a large number of pharmacies that include medicines and medical devices.
  • Electric elevators to facilitate movement between floors.
  • Providing a large area for the garage that can accommodate the greatest number of cars, preventing crowding inside the compound.
  • There is also a large sports club within the compound that offers a variety of sports such as football and tennis.
  • And there are gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Specialized tracks for walking, jogging, cycling, and running.
  • There is a large commercial mall with many stores selling various international brands.
  • providing numerous restaurants and cafes that serve all types of food and beverages.
  • The presence of The Club area, which is suitable for all activities such as football, swimming, and others.
  • There is a large mosque within the compound, designed in the most recent Islamic styles.
  • There are also numerous swimming pools of various shapes and sizes to accommodate people of all ages.
  • Big cinema screen is available in the compound to show all the new movies.
  • The spread of green spaces and landscapes, as well as there is a dancing fountain.

Prices and payment systems

Misr Italia Company has provided competitive prices and special payment systems that suit capabilities of each client.

The price per square meter varies according to the type of units and their finishing, and we will discuss the prices in detail:

  • The apartment price in IL Bosco New Capital starts from 2,049,921 EGP up to 3,537,385 Egyptian Pound.
  • While the penthouse price starts from 6,814,650 up to 7,594,180 EGP.
  • And the price of the twin house starts from 7,410,250 Egyptian pounds and reaches 10,287,800 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a stand alone villa starts from 13,098,750 EGP up to 13,836,324 EGP.
  • Finally, the price of a small villa starts from 11,157,808 EGP up to 16,782,500 EGP.
IL Bosco New Capital Compound

IL Bosco New Capital Compound.

payment systems of compound’s units

Payment systems varied in Compound IL Bosco New Capital, as follows:

  • Paying a 5% of the unit value, then paying another 5% after three months, and the rest installments over eight years.
  • It is possible to 5% of the unit price, and another 5% after three months, and then the rest by installments over 9 years.
  • And It is also possible to pay the value of the unit over a period of nine years without a down payment at all, but with an annual interest determined by the company according to the total price of the unit.
  • It is also possible to pay the unit’s value over a nine-year period with no down payment at all, but with an annual rate determined by the company based on the total price of the unit.
IL Bosco New Capital

Payments systems of IL Bosco Compound.

Advantages of IL Bosco Compound

  • IL Bosco has a distinct international style that combines the luxury and elegance of modern designs.
  • There are parks that allow residents to constantly breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.
  • Enjoy walking, jogging, or running through the expansive gardens.
  • A variety of types and spaces are available within IL Bosco compound to meet all needs of clients.
  • Offering competitive unit prices as well as payment systems lasting up to nine years.
IL Bosco New Capital Compound

Landscapes of IL Bosco Compound.

Owner company and it’s previous projects

Misr Italia Company is the owner of IL Bosco Compound, and it is regarded as one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

As the company has presented a number of the most important and well-known real estate projects in Egypt.

It has also presented one of its most important residential communities in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, IL Bosco Compound in collaboration with the companies “CallisonRTKL” and “DMA,”

The compound is characterized by its strategic graphical location, unparalleled urban designs with its high-end services.

IL Bosco Administrative capital

IL Bosco Administrative capital.

The previous projects of Misr Italia Company

  • Lanova Vista New Cairo.
  • Cairo Business Park.
  • Kai Sokhna Resort.
  • Vinci Compound New Administrative Capital.
  • Sila New Cairo project.
  • Musa Coast Ras Sidr Village.
  • Kai North Coast Resort.

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